Boot Strap Urban Farm is Eve Glidden and Jon Middleton. 2016 is our fifth year as a urban community supported agriculture farm. We have years of experience in CSA farming, gardening, building soil, studying and practicing herbal medicine, permaculture, botany, community building and rebuilding biodiversity in urban spaces.

We offer CSA shares,  our Community Supported Agriculture shares are bi-weekly boxes full of a devise array of mindfully cultivated produce, from arugula to zucchini we grow more than 40 species of non gmo vegetables. We provide a sliding scale so that organically cultivated food can be available to people of all income levels. We also donate to food shelves to give people in need real good food. Visit our Community Supported Agriculture page to sign up today.

We offer Community Supported Herbalism Shares, using the community supported agriculture model, to bring you herbal crafts, such as tea, tinctures, creams, honeys and other delicious healthy value added products. We cultivate and craft herbal medicine products that support overall health through the changing seasons here in Minnesota, using herbs we grow. Visit our Community Supported Herbalism page to sign up for your share.

We use yards and empty lots that would otherwise be lawns or neglected & underutilized spaces in south Minneapolis. We also grow in space in rural Minnesota. We implement a holistic systems approach to agriculture. Our growing methods are resilience based, sustainable and organic. We believe that growing food has to be about more than just that and must also show respect to the rocks, trees, plants and animals. So we choose to incorporate permaculture and polyculture plantings in all of our gardens. We are revitalizing and replenishing earth as we cultivate. We  work to create habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects, birds and more. In turn, we harvest a deliciously diverse abundance of heirloom vegetables and herbs.

Boot Strap Urban Farm’s mission is to eliminate hunger and restore ecological balance to the Twin Cities. contact us if you would like to donate the use of your underutilized land


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Minnesota Grown

Bootstrap Urban Farm is located in many yards and previously abandoned lots across  Minneapolis. With years of experience and study of plant based medicines, holistic systems of living, Restoration Agriculture, Permaculture and organic agriculture models, We offer a vegetable CSA and a herbal CSH. Utilizing spaces that would otherwise just be lawns, We plant grow and harvest vegetables and herbs for local sales. we are always looking for more space to grow (especially if its big and free of chemicals) We sell to wonderful restaurants like the River view wine bar and the Green Bee Juicery.

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winters end

We are nearing winters end. The sun is returning to our peace of earth, warming our lives and our gardens once again. As the days gain light we are gearing up for another wonderful season. We have spent the long winter nights studying permaculture, and gardening books, planning/ mapping the coming season and the best route to growing a diverse abundance of delicious vegetables. We took careful inventory of the seeds that we saved from last years harvest. We have poured over the many well crafted organic non-G.M.O. seed catalogs. We picked out the best varieties for our climate, paying close attention to notes from our gardens over the years, our growing zone and put in orders for the seeds of our choice. We have built more shelves for starting plants, and set up our green house. We have planted thousands of seeds in flats and more are soon to come. The snow is melting and I have seen green buds on trees, Irises are just starting to poke up out of the still chilly soil and reach up into the ever increasing sun light, herbs and strawberry plants still green under the retreating snow and ice. Birds that took their winter journey elsewhere are starting to return to Minnesota and grace us once again with their song. signs of life after the winter tundra. The seasons are a joy and a blessing that I’m thank full for~ rest and recuperation of winter gets me ready for the planting season. Our climate is an interesting one, last week we had  rain, a mini blizzard, a 50+ degree sunny day the chill of 31~  resting at frozen , and now 70 degrees on march 8th, sun warming us~ thawing the soil enough to spread back the straw and leaves we have in place as mulch to plant spinach, beets and radishes~ allowing for us to plant many elderberry cuttings. It is a kind of magic that the smell of moist soil that the first spring rain brings.

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beautiful summer

We have had such an amazing summer at boot strap urban farm, here are a few photos of our produce, and gardens this year. A special shout out to all thoes who have provided the use of their yards for our vegtables and herbs: we could not do this with out you, it is wonderful to have such elaborate biodiversity rich vegtable jungles across the city. Also a big thanks to our thoes who have taken the time to volunteer in the gardens this year, it was so helpful and also lots of fun to play work and learn togother.


compost20150802_161729squash trellis experiment spring peas



compost 20150708_075926Purple cauliflower Heirloom Tomatoes20150909_16310020150909_162952


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12 Principles of Permaculture by David Holmgren

Reach and Teach's Just Lists

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Permaculture iconsPermaculture is an approach to designing human settlements and perennial agricultural systems that mimics the relationships found in natural ecologies. It was first developed practically by Austrian farmer Sepp Holzer on his own farm in the early 1960s and then theoretically developed by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren and their associates during the 1970s in a series of

Central to permaculture are the three ethics: care for the earth, care for people, and fair share. They form the foundation for permaculture design and are also found in most traditional societies. Here are the 12 principles of permaculture as described by David Holmgren.

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seeds and plants

baby collards

We have been starting more seeds every week since February, here is a partiatal list of what we have started so far: starting with allium family plants (onions) such as long red Florance, torpedo, alisa cragg, and yellow of parma & leeks. a few of our favorite herbs, sage, rosemary, valerian, basil, tulsi, parsley, echinacea artichokes & lemon grass. Then moving to the brassica family plants, broccoli,cabbage(both red and green), kale, collards, romanesco & both white and purple cauliflower. next we planted nightshades (tomatoes & pepper family) galore! eggplants, peppers Habanero, Jalapeno, red bell, cherry bomb, pablano. and heirloom tomatoes including Cherokee purple, aunt Gertie’s, nayogous, hill billy potato leaf and more. Now we are on to starting spinach and lettuce,

all of our seeds are organic, heirloom, non GMO and many we have saved ourselves. so this year we ordered seeds from; seed savers exchange, bakers creek heirloom seeds, and southern exposure seed exchange. We are excited to put our seed potato order in during the next week and have been carefully choosing some of our favorite most delicious and productive varieties.

The planting is fun and has been made even funner and easier this year due to our apprentice Laura who came to us through part of the permaculture research institute”s apprenticeship program.  It is wonderfully rewarding to help plants grow and flourish, it has been a pleasure to share the know how and knowledge of CSA farming with Laura during this early spring planting time.

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Seward Flea Market

seward flea marketon Saturday the 27 we went and set up at the Seward flea market we had Bitters Syrup, Immune syrup, Warming salve, cleanse tincture, a calm tincture blend and a healing yarrow salve for sale, it was sunny and beautiful, there were a few other vendors selling their fine wares and crafts as well. It was a great way to spend the day. It is free to set up at the Seward flea market, for 2014 it  has been the last Saturday of every month. October 25th will be the last for the year. if you want to pick up some of our amazing hand crafted herbal medicine stop by and check us out~ from 9- 5.  also if you know and artists that would like to make a little extra $ tell them to come and join the market.

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